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Richard Ungewitter

Richard tempest (* December 18 1869 in Artern , Province of Saxony , † December 17th 1958 in Stuttgart ) was a champion of the German nudist movement and one of its first organizers. Storm was nationalist ideas close.

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[ edit ] Life

Storm was initially employed as a nursery assistant. Later he spent two years in Norway . Returned to Germany, he was a founder of the Simon bread factory . Once in this bankruptcy was gone, he worked as a sales representative.

By Henry Pudor , who under the pseudonym Heinrich published shame, he came to nudism, the then " naturism was called. " Today he is regarded as one of its early pioneers.

Storm won in 1903 by publishing a brochure entitled "Re-naked people who became" a certain degree of popularity. The magazine reached within a few years, with a circulation of nearly 100,000 copies. His first book, "The nudity" was published in full in January 1906 under the title "The nudity in historical development, health, moral and artistic vision." Repeated attempts to legal action against the book failed, the court invited the experts who testified in favor storm. So said Professor Theodor Lipps ( University of Munich ) in his report:

The nudist movement aiming at now is a widespread and, as such movements usually a kernel of good.

In the following years, Richard published another storm for the culture of nudity promotional books. The most famous of his works is the 1908 book "Naked".

Also in 1908 founded the storm "Association for hygienic, aesthetic and ethical culture." This second nudist group in Germany (after an association founded in 1898 in Essen ) had approximately 50 members, mainly in southern Germany .

Both his book "Naked" in 1910 and his book, "nudity and culture" were the subject of several years of legal disputes in which he was largely to enforce its interpretation of the law. Thus, the Trial Chamber III dismissed the Royal District Court in Stuttgart at the meeting of 24 April 1912 at the request of the Royal Prosecutor dismantlement of his book "Naked" back. This legal opinion of the Royal District Court, according to the naturist, illustrated publications are permitted, followed by all other democratic courts in Germany and other countries.

In 1911 he founded the "Lodge of the ascending life", which according to his statement on 17 June 1912 over 800 people belonged. In its regularly published magazine "confidential communications", the members sat undisturbed for nude bathing, Kleiderlosigkeit undisturbed and partially nude hikes for miles. In 1914 the name of the lodge in "good collar for rising life" has changed.

A storm in 1923 by Richard statutes enforced change resulted in a commitment to " racial hygiene "(see eugenics ), and also called for a commitment to a political party. The eugenic orientation was rejected by many members. Therefore, larger groups separated by the storm mainly dominated by federal trust, which then lost in importance.

In essence, this approach meant, however, no change in the original theories. Even in "nudity and Culture" (1910) wrote tempest: "Would any German woman often see a naked man Germanic, so would not run after so many exotic alien races "..." For the sake of healthy selection I therefore call on the nudist culture, Strong and healthy mate to be, but are not weaklings to reproduce. " (Storm, 1910, p.130)

Richard tempest passed away in December 1958 on the eve of his 89th Birthday in Stuttgart.
[ edit ] Awards and honors

1953 Honorary Membership in the German Association for Free Body Culture (DFK) eV

[ edit ] Works

Naked again become human, 1903
The nudity, 1905
Dietary heresies. The protein theory and its consequences, as a cause of illness, and their adoption of science-based, 1908
Naked. A Critical Study, 1909
Culture and nudity. A claim, 1911
Nudity and culture. New claims, 1913
Racial aggravation from Judah , 1919
Nudity and advancement. Goals for the renewal of the German people, 1920
Salvation or destruction of the German people. For German-born!, 1921
Nudity and morality. Ways to save the German people, 1925
From racial degeneration care. A wake-up call in the eleventh hour, 1934
Memorandum on Vaccination , 1938

As editor

The nudity in historical development, health, moral and artificial lighting, 1907 (reprinted 1907 and 1913 d. Ausg Stuttgart, Ger. Ärzte-Verl., Cologne 1979th ISBN 3-7691-1904-5 )
Germany's rebirth through blood and iron, 1916

[ edit ] References

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